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Here at Pulse Digital Marketing, we can offer a range of digital marketing options.

Internet Traffic

Under optimised and minimal organic traffic from Google? Then you need to speak to us about how we can increase traffic and improve your website with SEO and Digital Marketing.

Paid ADs

Get instant traffic from paid AD's on Google & Facebook. Ideal if you need traffic quickly and can't afford to wait or supplement your organic traffic with paid to increase sales.

Social Media

We can set up, run and maintain your social media campaigns, to suit any budget.

Local Marketing

Optimising 'Google My Business' is a great way to increase free organic coverage, so make the most of this platform.

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Laptop Analytics

Why Choose Us

Here at Pulse Digital, we have over 15 years of experience in SEO & IT Support. Both of these are closely intertwined. Once your website is converting leads better or producing more sales through organic & paid channels, you need a fast and efficient PC for running your business. It's not productive waiting 10 minutes for your PC to boot up or for CAD renderings to take an age, efficiency is the key in business and a slow PC reduces this drastically.


Flexible Pricing To Work With Your Marketing Budget

Whether you need a small social management campaign or a monthly SEO package then we can help you get the most from your budget.


Flexible & Specific Strategies

A rolling monthly plan that changes as you require or a rigid 6 month strategy. We can work with you get get the most from your social channels and your website

What can Pulse Digital offer my company

Here at Pulse Digital Marketing, we can offer a multitude of digital services from SEO & Digital Branding to IT Support & Office PC Builds.


Search Engine Optimisation / SEO

Whilst SEO might sound scary it doesn't have to be. Think of an SEO expert similar to a building inspector that goes around and checks every little detail of your new house before you move in. That's what an SEO expert does but just checking your website and making sure that there are no dead webpages, URL's are web-friendly and many other things along the way.

Your website doesn't need to be new to benefit from having an SEO expert look over it, it could be years old and we can always pick out improvements that can be made.

Whether you have an underperforming e-commerce website that just isn't getting the traffic it should, or a lead generation website that just isn't converting.

These and more problems are all things that we can help with here at Pulse Digital Marketing. We've been at the forefront of SEO over the last decade and have seen many changes, improvements & problems solved. Wether you are looking for SEO York or national we are able and happy to help


Logo Design & Digital Branding

Our designer has over 20 years of experience and knows how to translate your ideas into your ideal logo & branding. Even if you don't know what you are looking for in a logo we can present you with a range of mockups which often ignites a spark within you to know more about what you desire in a logo.

We can even design packaging and food labels for your merchandise so we really can offer you everything that you might need from a design point of view.


IT Support

Over 15 years of experience in supporting and building PCs and networks. Whether we are troubleshooting or building a group of bespoke office PC's we are with you every step of the way to make sure you are serviced and that you and your staff have fast and efficient PC's.

PC hardware is a lot more reliable now when compared to 10 or even 5 years ago and failures and repairs are generally a thing of the past. But every once in a while there can be failures and we at Pulse Digital are here to help. Our PC product knowledge is second to none and we are building bespoke PC's for gaming, office use & specialist uses monthly.

When your network goes down or your printer develops a fault it can be costly downtime, we can help get issues resolved quickly by coming to your office to diagnose where required and providing a solution.

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