What Is Website Hosting

Website hosting is needed for any website and its where your website lives. There are lots of different companies offering different packages and pricing options which can quite frankly baffle most people.

Important Factors When Choosing Website Hosting


Data Transfer

This is how much data your website would be allowed to transfer in a month. There’s no hard and fast rule on how much data your website would use in a month, a smaller website with not much traffic for a self-employed tradesperson may use around 2GB where as a smaller eCommerce store could use 6GB upwards. These are only rough figures and multiple things such as unoptimised images and self-hosted embedded videos can increase band very quickly.



Long and short these all relate to website speed and how data is transferred from your web host to your browser, whether you are on a mobile or desktop device. If you go for a cheap hosting package you will likely be on the oldest and slowest HTTP, whereas the happy medium would likely see you on HTTP2 and something we would recommend as a minimum. If you look around you can find HTTP3 for a reasonable price and the speed benefits are there to be had.


Shared VS Dedicated Hosting

Shared hosting is generally the cheapest option for website hosting, a very much a no thrills option and one we would generally avoid, if your website is running your business, then we would recommend dedicated hosting, its more expensive but, you get a server all to yourself, and it isn’t shared with other websites or at the very least a dedicated IP address.



Whilst you can get hosting very cheap potentially, as low as £5 a month it's cheap for a reason, you’ll share your web server with 100’s of other websites and potentially the same IP address. Get in touch with us, and we will be able to help you pick the right hosting package and get you set up.

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Wordpress website hosting

Wordpress Web Hosting

WordPress has grown into a powerhouse piece of software and a go to for many websites allowing for ease of use and affordability. Originally designed as an open-source blogging platform WordPress now can do pretty much anything you think of from booking platforms to full e-commerce store. Specialist WordPress hosting is often available with optimised installs to decreased loads speeds and offers the best experience.

Who are reliable hosting companies

We don’t do any hosting ourselves but are more than happy to set up your new hosting packages from on of the leading companies such as A2 Hosting, Heart Internet or ionos. These 3 companies are market leaders and ones that we have used happily for many years without major issues.

Hosting for websites is one of those things that we believe is best left to the big companies which offer a multitude of hosting options from dedicated WordPress hosting to superfast HTTP3 and storage on lighting fast NVMe drives. Hosting is now much more reliable with very little down time and great customer support and service updates from specialist hosting companies.

How much Is website hosting

Costs can vary drastically from under £5 a month to well over £250 for a high-end dedicated server. Without speaking to you and knowing your requirements it's hard to give accurate figures. The more you spend the better hardware you’ll get giving a quicker website load time also giving a better ROI, no one likes waiting around.

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